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Photo of the Day 4.11.20

I know.  Another sunset photograph.  How boring, right?  One thing is sure.  After I leave this place, a lasting memory will definitely be the endless, magnificent sunsets that occur here each night. Today was a busy day.  We had to venture to town for… Continue Reading “Photo of the Day 4.11.20”

Photo of the Day 4.10.20

On an early evening walk down to the pond, I noticed these Blue Dicks blooming off the side of the road.  There’s not much in bloom in this high-desert grassland right now – so any color catches my eye!!  The lavender flowers contrast nicely… Continue Reading “Photo of the Day 4.10.20”

Photo of the Day 4.9.20

We took a ride over to the Coronado National Forest – Mt. Wrightson Wilderness area to hike part of the Arizona National Scenic Trail.  The Arizona Trail encompasses 800 miles of non-motorized pathways stretching from the Mexico border north to Utah.  Since we have… Continue Reading “Photo of the Day 4.9.20”

Photo of the Day 4.8.20

Evening on the Cienegas As the moon rises The wind sings through the Mesquite And coyotes howl.                                  – Lynn Amber As I predicted, the cloud cover impacted the… Continue Reading “Photo of the Day 4.8.20”

Photo of the Day 4.7.20

It was “chore” day today.  The wind and sunshine were perfect drying conditions!!  Truth be told, I am also trying out my new remote shutter release cable hoping to get a full moon shot tonight – and the clothes drying on the line are… Continue Reading “Photo of the Day 4.7.20”

Photo of the Day 4.6.20

The sunsets have been incredible here in the Las Cienegas NCA.  As I post this one taken last night, I am looking out the window at an even more incredible color display!!  The above photo is looking toward the eastern sky and the colors… Continue Reading “Photo of the Day 4.6.20”

Photo of the Day 4.5.20

We had to go fill up our 6-gallon water container today so we could add some water to our fresh water tank in the trailer.  At the Empire Ranch Historic Site, there is a potable water source that we can access.  While Jim was… Continue Reading “Photo of the Day 4.5.20”

Photo of the Day 4.4.20

We take nightly walks after dinner to watch the sunset across this high-desert grassland.  The sky is ever changing and we are always rewarded with a unique display each night.

Photo of the Day 4.3.20

Back to a ranch land photograph today!  This morning, we retraced our bike ride from several days ago -getting an earlier start since the winds were supposed to kick up during the afternoon hours.  We had a very good reason for riding the same… Continue Reading “Photo of the Day 4.3.20”

Photo of the Day 3.31.20

I walk to this pond in the conservation area daily.  It is a source of rejuvenation for me and reflection.  It brightens my spirit during this difficult time.  I love spending time watching the great egret who lives here – and find myself concerned… Continue Reading “Photo of the Day 3.31.20”