Month: May 2019

Photo Challenge: Acadia: May 29

Asticou Azalea Garden is one of the public gardens managed by the Land and Garden Preserve.  As the name indicates, it is mostly centered around azalea and rhododendron plantings.  There are a number of other unique specimen plants as well including a very nice… Continue Reading “Photo Challenge: Acadia: May 29”

Photo Challenge: Acadia: May 28

The walk around Witch Hole Pond on the carriage road was full of surprises today.  The bog-friendly Rhododendron canadense was in full bloom all around the loop and absolutely wins the prize for outstanding bloom of the day! We also saw many, many painted… Continue Reading “Photo Challenge: Acadia: May 28”

Photo Challenge: Acadia: May 27

In search of Cypripedium acaule  – Pink Lady’s Slipper!  This evening, I returned to a patch of native orchids I had discovered last year and was excited to see that there are some emerging plants and they will soon be in bloom!  Can’t wait for… Continue Reading “Photo Challenge: Acadia: May 27”

Photo Challenge: Acadia: May 25

I promise this is the last Moosewood Maple photograph for at least a month!  I have just really enjoyed watching this native tree wake up this spring and put forth it’s unique leaves and flowers.  Due to the crowds that have descended upon Acadia… Continue Reading “Photo Challenge: Acadia: May 25”

Photo Challenge: Acadia: May 22

The leaves are really popping out on Mount Desert Island now!  Today, I hiked up to The Triad via the Day Mountain, Triad and Hunter’s Brook Trails.  The forest is definitely coming to life now.  The bright green growth of the tender young leaves… Continue Reading “Photo Challenge: Acadia: May 22”

Photo Challenge: Acadia: May 21

Enchanting forest With cascading rock gardens Of soft moss and ferns  ~ Lynn Thomas Amber That pretty much describes the Valley Trail that leads from the Beech Mountain parking lot and defines the first leg of a clockwise loop hike up and over Beech… Continue Reading “Photo Challenge: Acadia: May 21”

Photo Challenge: Acadia: May 20

The Jesup Path in Acadia National Park traverses through a unique ecosystem –  incorporating forest,  wetland and meadow habitats all in one small area.  Much of the path is comprised of hemlock and birch forest and a short section includes a boardwalk through the… Continue Reading “Photo Challenge: Acadia: May 20”

Photo Challenge: Acadia: May 19

Since ancient times, people have bestowed names on each full moon of the year.  Different cultures had unique labels for the full moons – usually designated by characteristics of the particular month in which each occurs.  The descriptive tags often refer to the tasks… Continue Reading “Photo Challenge: Acadia: May 19”

Photo Challenge: Acadia: May 18

I’m obsessed with Amelanchier right now – sorry!  It was a beautiful, sunny day and I was pumped to do a hike up Gorham Mountain to see if the Serviceberry were blooming yet.  I was rewarded immensely for my efforts.  The Amelanchier laevis was… Continue Reading “Photo Challenge: Acadia: May 18”

Photo Challenge: Acadia: May 17

This photograph captures the essence of what our weather has been like over the past several weeks!  DRIPPY!  I’ve been anxiously awaiting the first sign of flowers on the Amelanchier laevis that grows throughout Acadia National Park.  Finally, the first of the Serviceberry blossoms… Continue Reading “Photo Challenge: Acadia: May 17”