Month: December 2020

A Vintage Christmas

As a child, Christmas was a magical time of the year for me. It never seemed to matter that we did not have much money. Raised by a single mom, we really literally lived paycheck to paycheck. But, somehow, there were always plenty of… Continue Reading “A Vintage Christmas”

First Snowshoe

Our first snow of the season was really little more than a dusting. It was heavy and clung to the tree branches – as evident in the photograph above. Our second snowstorm was much more promising! It was bitter cold and so created a… Continue Reading “First Snowshoe”

Another Vermont Sunrise

I was focused on reading the annual Holiday email letter from a fellow Vermonter and blogger this morning – all while enjoying my morning coffee in “my favorite recliner.” When I finished reading the letter and admiring the photos that were included, I glanced… Continue Reading “Another Vermont Sunrise”

Snowy Day

My husband and I took a hike back in the woods this morning in search of a potential Christmas tree. We did not really find one suitable enough – not surprising really – but we gave it a good try! Our first snowstorm of… Continue Reading “Snowy Day”

Baltic Mill in Enfield

This writing is a follow-up to an earlier post I composed about the Northern Rail Trail. I included another photo of this building on that post with a notation that I would do some more research and find out what it’s function was when… Continue Reading “Baltic Mill in Enfield”