Month: October 2020

All Hallow’s Eve Walkabout

On All Hallow’s Eve Ushering in Winter’s dark We toast Fall’s bounty ~ Lynn Thomas Amber My engagement with the celebration of Halloween has changed over the years. I remember, as a kid, always feeling somewhat shy about knocking on someone’s door and asking… Continue Reading “All Hallow’s Eve Walkabout”

FRosty Fothergilla

This week has seen some huge fluctuations in temperature as Vermont transitions from one season to the next. We had some extremely clear, crisp frosty mornings followed by days that commenced downright balmy and misty. At first light the other day, I slipped on… Continue Reading “FRosty Fothergilla”

Spotlight on Witchhazel

October morning Witchhazel blossoms shine bright With the rising sun ~ Lynn Amber My witchhazel tree has taken center stage in my garden this week. Blooming in late October and November, this plant is found all over the eastern part of the United States… Continue Reading “Spotlight on Witchhazel”

Falling Leaves and Lingering Color

“Every leaf speaks bliss to me – fluttering from the autumn tree.” – Emily Bronte Walking along my Vermont gravel road the other day, I was focused on the leaves that had fallen to the ground lining the shoulder of the road and carpeting… Continue Reading “Falling Leaves and Lingering Color”

Vermont Fall Series 10.1.20 Lake Champlain Get-Away

Day 2 On our second day at Button Bay State Park we decided to take a road trip to a couple of other local places of interest. Our first stop was Mount Philo State Park in Charlotte, Vermont where we hoped to enjoy a… Continue Reading “Vermont Fall Series 10.1.20 Lake Champlain Get-Away”