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Vermont Summer Series 7.16.20 Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller National Historic Park

Yesterday, I mentioned embarking on a short road trip.  I have been craving a visit to a public garden and heard that the mansion at the Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller National Historic Park maintained some formal gardens reminiscent of the original gardens of the former estate.  I’m… Continue Reading “Vermont Summer Series 7.16.20 Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller National Historic Park”

Photo of the Day 7.15.20 Fountain Magic

Took a road trip today.  I have been practicing the “safer at home” mandate since arriving back in Vermont.  But, I really needed a change of scenery and decided to visit Vermont’s only national park.  More to come on my visit in another post! … Continue Reading “Photo of the Day 7.15.20 Fountain Magic”

Photo of the Day 7.5.20 Summer Blooms and Shoo-fly Pie

Today, Jim and I decided to spend the late afternoon relaxing back by the pond. He launched the new raft yesterday and I can’t wait to try it out! In preparation for a relaxing evening, I devised a meal plan. While Jim was putting… Continue Reading “Photo of the Day 7.5.20 Summer Blooms and Shoo-fly Pie”

Photo of the Day: 4.27.20

We moved over to New Mexico yesterday to a dispersed camping area in the Gila National Forest.  The Continental Divide Trail runs right through here and we embarked on a short hike along part of the trail today.  The terrain is soooo very different… Continue Reading “Photo of the Day: 4.27.20”

Photo of the Day: 4.25.20

Mesquite Green Mesquite awakens As the days grow long and hot Painting the land green.   —–Lynn Amber Our time here on the Cienegas is about to end just at the time of year when the mesquite are coming out in leaf and flower.  It’s… Continue Reading “Photo of the Day: 4.25.20”

Photo of the Day: 4.23.20

  On our way out this morning to fill our fresh water tank and dump our other tanks, we came upon some pronghorns along the Empire Ranch Road.  Usually, they are much further away in the grassland making a photograph impossible.  Jim stopped the… Continue Reading “Photo of the Day: 4.23.20”

Photo of the Day 4.22.20

Happy Earth Day!!  My Earth Day morning started with a walk towards Cottonwood Pond.  Along the way, I found some new discoveries!  The prickly poppies are starting to bloom.  I believe this one is Argemone platyceras – the one more commonly found in the… Continue Reading “Photo of the Day 4.22.20”

Photo of the Day 4.20.20

I’ve made a few new friends here on the ranch.  The birds that frequent Cottonwood Pond have become very familiar with me.  The Western Kingbird is ever present – perching on Mesquite branches surrounding the pond and occasionally on the shrubby vegetation along the… Continue Reading “Photo of the Day 4.20.20”

Photo of the Day 4.19.20

Signage in this area of Southern Arizona is unique.  The ironwork is amazing and very intricate at times.  I’m not sure who the artist is – or maybe it is multiple artists – but I love the detail and also the simplicity.  The gate… Continue Reading “Photo of the Day 4.19.20”

Photo of the Day 4.18.20

Cottonwood Pond Mourning doves cooing Red-tailed Hawks guarding their nest Mesquite wind silent.   The incessant wind we have been experiencing over the past several days reminds me of my quiet morning walk earlier in the week!  On that particular morning, the wind was silent. … Continue Reading “Photo of the Day 4.18.20”