Photo of the Day 4.7.20

At camp Cieneguita (1 of 1)
Wash day in the desert!

It was “chore” day today.  The wind and sunshine were perfect drying conditions!!  Truth be told, I am also trying out my new remote shutter release cable hoping to get a full moon shot tonight – and the clothes drying on the line are my only interesting subject!

I bought a shutter release cable before we headed out in January but had yet to take it out of its package.  It was time!!  I had to search through my camera manual and do some research online both to figure out which external socket on my camera was the correct one.  It was not obvious to me!  After I shot some “wash” photos, I set the tripod up angled towards the moonrise location, set the focus manually and took a couple of shots for practice.  The cable works perfectly.  Now I just need for some of these dang clouds to disperse!  They could provide some nice contrast or they could also cover up the moon as it rises over the horizon.  We shall see!

At camp Cieneguita (1 of 1)-2
The clouds could be problematic for a moon rise photo – time will tell!

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