Month: October 2021

October Photo of the Day 10.28.21

Since I’ve been remiss in posting a photo a day since arriving home, I’m posting 3 photographs today! It’s been a busy time this past week weeding and cutting back my perennial beds, unpacking the Airstream and winterizing it temporarily, and cleaning the house.… Continue Reading “October Photo of the Day 10.28.21”

October Photo of the Day 10.25.21

One of my main chores after returning home from a 6-month workamping position is garden maintenance. My front perennial garden suffered some serious neglect this summer and I dove right in and started weeding and cutting back overgrown and messy plants. The grasses are… Continue Reading “October Photo of the Day 10.25.21”

October Photo of the Day 10.23.21

Yesterday was a travel day – from the moderate coastal weather of Mount Desert Island to the cooler inland hills of Vermont. My first frosty fall morning with sub-freezing temperatures!

October Photo of the Day 10.21.21

A tour boat cruises by Otter Point while a couple of people silhouetted against the sky observe from Otter Cliffs.

October Photo of the Day 10.19.21

The pine trees in the foreground were catching the sunlight and creating a nice frame for the colorful hillside beyond – on the North Bubble’s Trail.

October Photo of the Day 10.18.21

One of the most distinguishing features of my season at Acadia National Park this year was the abundance and variety of mushrooms growing along the trails. Love the color contrast between this tan mushroom and the Polytrichum commune – Common Hairmoss.

October Photo of the Day 10.17.21

Walking along the Otter Cliffs area one day in early October, I was struck by the interesting cloud patterns in the sky and the morning glitter of the sun on the water.

October Photo of the Day 10.16.21

The leaves on this Moosewood Maple tree were just beginning to change to the pale yellow fall color that distinguishes this plant in the forest. The way the leaves reflect the filtered light in these deeply shaded forests always amazes me. Across the rocky… Continue Reading “October Photo of the Day 10.16.21”

October Photo of the Day 10.15.21

When we seek out vivid displays of fall color, we are usually looking for and admiring the leaves on the trees that blanket the hillsides and valleys. I went forth yesterday with my macro/portrait 105mm lens instead of my wide-angle zoom lens. Using that… Continue Reading “October Photo of the Day 10.15.21”

October Photo of the Day 10.14.21

My season here in Acadia is fast coming to a close. Oh how I’ll miss the sunrises and sunsets across the ocean and sky, the dramatic coastline, the deeply shaded forests and the rocky, exposed summits of this beautiful island! 🙂