Category: Flowering Plants

October Photo a Day 10.2.21

How appropriate that I would share a photograph of this beautiful rose on the anniversary of the birthday of my grandmother, Virginia! The small rose hips and the brilliant burgundy fall color of Rosa virginiana are very showy right now along Otter Cove in… Continue Reading “October Photo a Day 10.2.21”

Thuya Garden Flower Fix

I needed a serious flower fix yesterday. So, dodging raindrops, I visited my favorite garden on the island to see what was in bloom since the last time I dropped in. Using a very shallow depth of field, I was able to create some… Continue Reading “Thuya Garden Flower Fix”

Deer Isle Day Trip

The Old Farmer’s Almanac for 2021 predicted summer weather for New England, which includes Maine, would bring above-average rainfall and cooler than average temperatures. I would say this prophecy definitely came to fruition! The photo above gives a good indication of the type of… Continue Reading “Deer Isle Day Trip”

Photo a Day 7.17.21

I tired unsuccessfully several times yesterday to upload this photo to my blog. Interrupted cell service has definitely been the bane of my existence this summer here on Mount Desert Island. So, anyway, here is yesterday’s photo! The lilies are coming into bloom at… Continue Reading “Photo a Day 7.17.21”

Photo a Day 7.16.21

I visited my favorite patch of milkweed at Thuya Gardens today to see if there were any monarch caterpillars munching on the leaves. I noticed this butterfly on one of the flowers and, then, as I was photographing it – along came a caterpillar…..

Photo a Day 7.10.21

After all the rain yesterday due to the residual effects of Hurricane Elsa, it was nice to get down to the Land and Garden Preserve for a walk in the sunshine this morning! The call of the loon Echoes down the peaceful pond In… Continue Reading “Photo a Day 7.10.21”

Photo a Day 7.8.21

After completing some much needed errands this morning (hardware store, grocery store, post office), I loaded up my bike and headed to the small parking area on Duck Brook Road to access the carriage roads around Witch Hole Pond. Rain was in the forecast… Continue Reading “Photo a Day 7.8.21”

Photo a Day 7.4.21 and 7.5.21

Cell signal from the closest tower was so bogged down yesterday that I could not post a photo – and it was raining all day anyway! So, today – I’ll post 2 photos from the last couple of days. In the photo above, the… Continue Reading “Photo a Day 7.4.21 and 7.5.21”

Otter Cove Blossoms

My leisurely stroll along the Otter Cove coastline the other day revealed lots of showy plants in bloom and a few inconspicuous ones that are only visible to those taking the time to look more closely. It was an eclectic group of plants –… Continue Reading “Otter Cove Blossoms”

Beautiful Hiking Weather

I’ve been busy hiking the past couple of days on two of my favorite trails in Acadia National Park. The weather has been unseasonably warm for this time of year and I took advantage of it! Hiking the same trails might seem redundant to… Continue Reading “Beautiful Hiking Weather”