Photo of the Day 4.15.20

LCNCA pond (2 of 3)
Wilson’s Warbler, I think?

Our evening walk to the Cottonwood Pond was very fruitful.  As I spend more time at the pond, I’ve become more attuned to the feathered friend population.  Our main objective this evening was to catch a glimpse of the red-tailed hawks that are nesting in the tall Cottonwood tree across from the pond.  We did not see any activity there tonight so we turned our attention to the pond.

I’ve been seeing flashes of yellow dashing and darting among the mesquite trees for days but the bird has not settled down long enough for me to get a closer look.  Tonight, I was rewarded!  I believe this is a Wilson’s Warbler – correct me if I’m wrong my birder friends!  He kept moving around in this mesquite and I had to try and get a shot through the dense branches.  So surprised this turned out as good as it did!

The egret I photographed a couple of weeks ago and, have not seen since, made a return visit tonight!  I managed to see him well before we reached the pond so I was able to sneak up on him and prevent spooking him.  Later in the evening when we returned to our campsite, we saw him fly overhead in the directions of the Empire Mountains.  I wonder where he was going?

LCNCA pond (1 of 3)

We also watched the antics of a flock of female red-winged blackbirds.  (Again, I’m pretty sure I’ve identified them correctly)  They were perching in the mesquite along the pond and dropping down to the water to clean themselves and drink – then, returning to the trees to preen and dry.  They were very entertaining!!

LCNCA pond (3 of 3)
Flock of female red-winged blackbirds??

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