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Photo a Day 7.1.21

It’s time to initiate a new challenge for myself to post a photo a day for the month of July! Should be interesting as my cell signal has been challenging the past couple of weeks. I guess the closest tower is getting overwhelmed by… Continue Reading “Photo a Day 7.1.21”

Foggy Day and Rilke

As I was preparing my breakfast this past Sunday morning, I decided to pull up Vermont Public Radio on my iPhone and listen to whatever programming happened to be broadcasting – really just for some background noise. I was listening to a segment called… Continue Reading “Foggy Day and Rilke”

Acadia Awakening

Acadian Walk Rocky root-filled trail Winds through the silent forest Peace infuses the air. ~Lynn Thomas Amber I’m back! It’s been three weeks since I once again landed on Mount Desert Island for my summer gig in Acadia National Park. It’s been a busy… Continue Reading “Acadia Awakening”

Re-imagining Images

When I started getting more serious about my photography, I decided to invest in photo editing software. Initially, I used a free software product that was very limited. When it was no longer being supported, I started researching other options. At that point, interest… Continue Reading “Re-imagining Images”

Winter Seed Pods

A warm front moved into the area overnight and we are enjoying some nice mild temperatures over the next few days. During my lunch break, I wandered back to the pond to get some fresh air and enjoy the glorious sunshine! As I was… Continue Reading “Winter Seed Pods”

Falling Leaves and Lingering Color

“Every leaf speaks bliss to me – fluttering from the autumn tree.” – Emily Bronte Walking along my Vermont gravel road the other day, I was focused on the leaves that had fallen to the ground lining the shoulder of the road and carpeting… Continue Reading “Falling Leaves and Lingering Color”

Photo of the Day 7.13.20 Black-eyed Susan

Black-eyed Susan wildflowers are starting to pop up in the abandoned field’s around my neighborhood.  On my walk this morning, I noticed this grouping of Rudbeckia hirta catching the sun’s rays while the background remained in shadow.  I liked the effect. It is said… Continue Reading “Photo of the Day 7.13.20 Black-eyed Susan”

Vermont Summer Series 6.1.20

This past week we have been totally focused on completing the rejuvenation of our two raised beds located just outside our picket fence.  Jim pulled up the old rotted boards and we commenced to cultivating and weeding the beds before lining them out for… Continue Reading “Vermont Summer Series 6.1.20”

Winds of Change

Winds of change descend Whisk me back towards Vermont Set me gently home.                                           ~Lynn Amber After 6 grueling days traveling on the road from… Continue Reading “Winds of Change”

Photo of the Day: 4.28.20

Today we hiked the Continental Divide Trail running south from our camping area in the Gila National Forest.  I came upon this cute little flower along the trail.  It’s the only one I saw for the entire distance that we hiked.  I identified it… Continue Reading “Photo of the Day: 4.28.20”