Resource Library

Library books

I will be working on building these resource pages, over the next month.  This should move along quickly since I’m stationary in the northeast for a couple of months, and still subject to the cruel whims of spring in Vermont.  Nothing quite like a snow/sleet/freezing rain weather forecast to encourage indoor activities such as writing!

Vermont Woods in March

 A bird sings with hope

As our Winter’s icy grip

Rejects Spring’s warm touch

Please check back every now and then to view my progress!  My goal for this section of the blog is to compile the resources I have accumulated into one place – for two reasons:

  • I’m a librarian, and therefore, it is innately understood that I need to organize knowledge and resources into a neat and accessible package!
  • I’m hoping that by sharing my resources others will benefit if they happen to stumble upon my website

This will never be an exhaustive list of resources, with endless links to outside websites. My intent is to only record here the resources that I frequently consult and/or enjoy reading. I’m not a fan of websites equipped with too many bells and whistles, and moving parts.  You will not find some commonly referenced RV sites here that offer up excessive sensory overload with animated graphics, and endless ads.  I have no patience for these sites 🙂  You will need to find those on your own!



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