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Lava Beds Full Moon

The view from our campsite in Lava Beds National Monument shows how stark the landscape is here. Last night, the full moon was rising just to the right of the above photo behind one of the cinder cones to the south of us. It… Continue Reading “Lava Beds Full Moon”

Last night’s Full-ish Moon

Funny photographer story about my effort to capture the “Flower Moon:” I’m enjoying revisiting my old haunts this season but missing my husband’s companionship more this time around.  You’d think that after being isolated with each other for a year that the distance would… Continue Reading “Last night’s Full-ish Moon”

Beaver Moon

The November full moon is often referred to as the Beaver moon as it was observed that beavers were most active during this time of the year preparing their lodges for the long winter ahead. The moon has appeared full for several nights now.… Continue Reading “Beaver Moon”

Photo of the Day 4.8.20

Evening on the Cienegas As the moon rises The wind sings through the Mesquite And coyotes howl.                                  – Lynn Amber As I predicted, the cloud cover impacted the… Continue Reading “Photo of the Day 4.8.20”

Wednesday Walkabout: Little Hunters Beach Take Two

I got a second chance to shoot the moonrise at Little Hunters Beach tonight.  Arriving just before moonrise, I calculated where the moon would appear using my compass cell phone application.  I moved around the cove several times taking shots from different angles and… Continue Reading “Wednesday Walkabout: Little Hunters Beach Take Two”

Photo Challenge: Acadia: May 19

Since ancient times, people have bestowed names on each full moon of the year.  Different cultures had unique labels for the full moons – usually designated by characteristics of the particular month in which each occurs.  The descriptive tags often refer to the tasks… Continue Reading “Photo Challenge: Acadia: May 19”

30 Days and 30 Photos – Day 24

I have had the privilege of witnessing 3 full moons rise over the Atlantic off the coast of Mount Desert Island this summer.  They have all been spectacular and humbling.  The Harvest Moon tonight topped them all.  I made it down to the spot… Continue Reading “30 Days and 30 Photos – Day 24”

30 Days and 30 Photos – Day 22

One more week to go with my photographic journey experiment!  I worked an odd shift today which meant I did not have time to get out and take pictures.  So, I will once again post an older photo – taken towards the end of… Continue Reading “30 Days and 30 Photos – Day 22”