Month: March 2020

Photo of the Day 3.30.20

On my morning walk with coffee mug and stroopie in hand, this dead Mesquite tree caught my eye with its gnarled, twisting dead branches.  I’m a “bark” person – I love trees with interesting bark – dead or alive.  The monochromatic effect this photo… Continue Reading “Photo of the Day 3.30.20”

Photo of the Day 3.29.20

We took  an extended bike ride yesterday along yet another unexplored dirt road in search of the Cienega Creek.  We have noticed the sprawling line of green-topped cottonwoods from a distance.  As we were riding along, it would seem as though the road was… Continue Reading “Photo of the Day 3.29.20”

Photo of the Day 3.28.20

Late  yesterday afternoon I needed to get out of the trailer and get some fresh air.  A cold front moved in here and there were storm clouds all around us interspersed with blue skies.  Very dramatic skyline!  Jim was not feeling up for a walk… Continue Reading “Photo of the Day 3.28.20”

Photo of the Day 3.27.20

  Last night around sunset, I was deep into listening to a detective murder mystery audio book when I noticed what was happening outside the trailer.  The sky was ablaze!!  No time to get my tripod out so I just grabbed my camera and… Continue Reading “Photo of the Day 3.27.20”

Point Lobos State Natural Reserve

Between late February and early March, we were mooch-docking at my son Luke’s house in Menlo Park, CA.  We took advantage of being near the California coast to do some exploring. During a conversation with a neighbor’s parents, the Point Lobos State Natural Reserve… Continue Reading “Point Lobos State Natural Reserve”

Photo of the Day 3.26.20

It was a cool, windy and cloudy day in the Arizona desert so I spent some time processing photographs.  I have a backlog of pictures to edit since beginning our winter journey throughout the Southwest and California.   And, today seemed like a perfect time… Continue Reading “Photo of the Day 3.26.20”

Photo of the Day 3.25.20

On our bike ride today, we came upon an area with taller grass than what we have seen near our campsite.  An interpretive sign indicated we were in the Sacaton Flats.  The giant sacaton grass (Sporobolus wrightii) is an important native species in the… Continue Reading “Photo of the Day 3.25.20”

In search of Dripping Springs….

    I‘m back to sharing the adventures we launched from our dispersed camping site at La Posa South BLM in Quartzsite, AZ!  On February 12, we decided to go on a road trip to visit the Dripping Springs site located high up in… Continue Reading “In search of Dripping Springs….”

Photo a Day 3.24.20

I’ve been on an emotional roller coaster the last couple of days – as I’m sure many people have whose jobs are up in the air as we work through these interesting times.  After an entire evening of sulking and feeling sorry for myself,… Continue Reading “Photo a Day 3.24.20”

The Apache Trail

Since I’m so far behind on my blog posts, I decided to alter my plan and post some more recent adventures interspersed with the earlier travels this winter. I’m so excited about the area we are exploring right now that I cannot wait to… Continue Reading “The Apache Trail”