Photo a Day 7.28.21

Beech Mountain Sunset

With company over the past week, it’s been hard to find time to post. So, you get two-in-one today! Jim and I hiked part way up Beech Mountain last night to try and catch the sunset. The trail that winds up the mountain high above Long Pond offers great views across the body of water and faces towards the west. I’ve been meaning to try and capture a sunset photograph from here since my first summer on the island in 2018. Clouds moved in towards evening but there was still some open sky on the western horizon causing this narrow ribbon of color. The wind was kicking up creating some blurred foliage in the foreground.

Great Head View

The evening before last, we hiked over to the Ocean Path and down along Otter Point. Over the past few days, some campers have reported seeing otters during low tide at Otter Point. And, one family was lucky enough to see a humpback whale off Otter Point beyond the buoy. I thought it would be fun to try and spot the otters. No luck, but the view towards Great Head from the trail was beautiful with the fog rolling in across the water.

Photo a Day 7.22.21

Little Harbor Brook Bridge

Today, Jim and I biked two different loops on the carriage road system here in Acadia National Park. Our first ride was around the Amphitheater Loop starting at the Brown Mountain Gate parking area. It’s about a 5 mile loop starting and ending at Brown Mountain. We stopped to admire the small Little Harbor Brook Bridge that spans the creek with the same name.

There are 17 bridges along the 45-mile plus carriage road system and it’s fun to try and bike or hike to all of them during the span of the summer months.

Looking down along Little Harbor Brook from the middle of the bridge

Photo a Day 7.22.21

A Foggy Seal Harbor at Sunset

My husband surprised me on Tuesday by leaving a message on my phone saying that he was on his way for a visit! He’ll be staying for a bit and his first full day here we took a walk on part of the carriage road system, had dinner in Northeast Harbor and explored the boats moored in both Northeast Harbor and Seal Harbor. The fog partially cleared along the coast enough for an actual colorful sunset last night!

And finally the sun appeared – breaking through the clouds just as it was about to dip behind the hill overlooking Seal Harbor.

Photo a Day 7.19.21

Mushroom growing in birch tree stump

After a solid day of rain yesterday, I went hunting mushrooms again along one of the trails near me. This wee little orange mushroom was growing out of a decaying birch tree stump and it just caught my eye. The abundance and diversity of mushrooms growing in and around the forest floor right now is astounding. The following images were taken along a very short section of the trail. 🙂

Photo a Day 7.17.21

White Lily in Black and White

I tired unsuccessfully several times yesterday to upload this photo to my blog. Interrupted cell service has definitely been the bane of my existence this summer here on Mount Desert Island. So, anyway, here is yesterday’s photo!

The lilies are coming into bloom at Thuya Garden now and this white lily really lent itself to rendering in black and white.

Photo a Day 7.16.21

Monarch on Milkweed

I visited my favorite patch of milkweed at Thuya Gardens today to see if there were any monarch caterpillars munching on the leaves. I noticed this butterfly on one of the flowers and, then, as I was photographing it – along came a caterpillar…..

Butterfly and caterpillar

Photo a Day 7.15.21

Crazy quilt from 1889

I visited the Carroll Homestead in Southwest Harbor today to hear a local descendent of the original settlers of this homestead talk about life on this farm in the 1800’s. Joan Jordan Grant, great-granddaughter of one of the original Carroll family members, gave a heartfelt, informal talk about her ancestors complete with items on hand from the era – including a handmade doll named Lydia that was made by Rebecca Carroll (her great-great grandmother) and given to Joan’s mother when she was an infant – and the above crazy quilt also crafted by Rebecca with the help of other women in the family.

I have a crazy quilt that is remarkably similar in design to this one that was passed down to me from an ancestor so I was really drawn to the colorful patchwork in this treasured blanket.

The Carroll Homestead

Unfortunately, due to Covid, the public is not yet allowed to tour the house but I could peek in the windows! A family of 10 children and 2 adults inhabited this tiny farmhouse in the 1800’s! I encourage you to follow the link above to read more about this amazing family.

Photo a Day 7.14.21

Foggy view from the Shore Path in Bar Harbor

Yesterday, I just never got enough of a signal to upload a photo. Tonight, no problem – and it’s drizzling and heavy with fog! It’s a mystery!

I had some errands to accomplish in Bar Harbor today, so I took a stroll along the Shore Path while waiting for the next shuttle bus back home. There was a heavy mist along the coast making the layers of the landscape more evident.

Photo A Day 7.12.21

Carved panel door at Thuya Garden

After work today, I drove to Thuya Garden intending to spend an hour or so wandering around the grounds and enjoying what has come into bloom since my last visit. I climbed the short, steep Asticou Terrace trail and strolled up to the walled garden entrance only to find the large, carved panel doors to the garden shut. It was then that I remembered the garden was closed on Mondays and Tuesdays!

It was still a nice walk through the woods……

Path to Thuya Garden

and I also walked down to the boat landing and enjoyed watching the harbor for a spell.

Northeast Harbor View

Photo a Day 7.11.21

Sunrise over Otter Point

I managed to wake up in time to scramble down to the cliffs to see the sunrise this morning which occurred at 4:57am! I was all alone on the rocks. A very subtle, peaceful beginning to the day….