Photo of the Day 4.10.20

Around the Ranch LCNCA
Dichelostemma pulchellum  –  Blue Dicks

On an early evening walk down to the pond, I noticed these Blue Dicks blooming off the side of the road.  There’s not much in bloom in this high-desert grassland right now – so any color catches my eye!!  The lavender flowers contrast nicely with the orange-red, sandy soil in the background.

We lingered at the pond watching the tree swallows dipping and swooping above the water.  They were particularly active tonight and I managed to catch several picking up insects off the surface of the water.  The photos are not professional-grade but still pretty cool!!  They are soooooo entertaining!

Around the Ranch LCNCA-2Around the Ranch LCNCA-3Around the Ranch LCNCA-4

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