Month: August 2020

Vermont Summer Series 8.29.20 Burlington Waterfront

Weary of working on projects at home, Jim and I decided a road trip was in order!  The adventure was twofold.  We needed to replace the battery in the car in preparation for my September sojourn to Stone Harbor, NJ.  And, we wanted a… Continue Reading “Vermont Summer Series 8.29.20 Burlington Waterfront”

Vermont Summer Series 8.24.20 Splitting Wood

  There’s an old saying that goes something like this:  Wood warms you three times – when you cut it, when you split it, and when you burn it.  I would argue that it warms you more times than 3 – when you haul… Continue Reading “Vermont Summer Series 8.24.20 Splitting Wood”

Great American Outdoors Act

One of my favorite photographs of the Rio Grande as it winds its way through Big Bend National Park. After composing yesterday’s post and commenting on the lack of adequate funding for the NPS, I feel the need to react to an article I… Continue Reading “Great American Outdoors Act”

Vermont Summer Series 8.16.20 Saint-Gaudens National Historical Park

On Sunday August 16th, I embarked on a road trip with a friend to visit Saint-Gaudens National Historical Park.   We traveled across the Connecticut River to our neighboring state of New Hampshire and the town of Cornish. The only national park in New Hampshire, Saint-Gaudens… Continue Reading “Vermont Summer Series 8.16.20 Saint-Gaudens National Historical Park”

Vermont Summer Series 8.10.20 Averill Road Trip

“Once upon a time, there was a woman who discovered she had turned into the wrong person.”  I’ve always been fascinated with how an author begins a novel.  Just how do they decide what the first line(s) will be?  Does the first sentence appear… Continue Reading “Vermont Summer Series 8.10.20 Averill Road Trip”

Photo of the Day 8.1.20 Hosta Time

My ‘August Moon’ Hosta is blooming in the garden!  I am a big fan of hosta plants.  They are a great weed-suppressing ground cover while also adding texture and foliage color variations to the garden palette. I had to post another early morning shot… Continue Reading “Photo of the Day 8.1.20 Hosta Time”