Month: June 2020

Vermont Summer Series 6.15.20

Kneeling in the tall grass on our ponds edge fervently cutting back the overgrown, volunteer shrubs that have taken root over the past few years, my mind wandered back to a bygone era when it seemed our whole life revolved around the pond. Over… Continue Reading “Vermont Summer Series 6.15.20”

Vermont Summer Series: 6.8.20

The blooming of my bearded iris signifies for me the true onset of summer! 🙂  Have you ever looked really, really closely at an iris flower?   Truly amazing anatomy!  Some fun facts that I’ve compiled: Historically, the origin of iris flowers can be traced… Continue Reading “Vermont Summer Series: 6.8.20”

Vermont Summer Series 6.1.20

This past week we have been totally focused on completing the rejuvenation of our two raised beds located just outside our picket fence.  Jim pulled up the old rotted boards and we commenced to cultivating and weeding the beds before lining them out for… Continue Reading “Vermont Summer Series 6.1.20”