Photo of the Day 4.8.20

Moonrise at camp Cieneguita

Evening on the Cienegas

As the moon rises

The wind sings through the Mesquite

And coyotes howl. 

                                – Lynn Amber

As I predicted, the cloud cover impacted the initial rise of the moon last night.  I still like the effect of the sunset coloring the clouds with the moon peeking through to tease me.  It was a beautiful evening.  I am always awestruck while watching the full moon rise over the horizon.

This morning as I lay in bed, that little haiku appeared in my mind begging to be put to print.  It’s windy here and we hear coyotes singing on the grassland every evening.  Last night as I went out to the tripod to start taking pictures, the coyote cries greeted me.  I’ve noticed on our many walks the wind whistling through the mesquite bosques – such a unique sound that I’ve grown accustomed to here on the ranch 🙂

Moonrise at camp Cieneguita (3 of 7)
The moon eventually did rise above the clouds!
Sunset at camp Cieneguita-2
While waiting for the moon rise, caught the rays of the disappearing sun

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