Photo of the Day 4.11.20

LCNCA sunset

I know.  Another sunset photograph.  How boring, right?  One thing is sure.  After I leave this place, a lasting memory will definitely be the endless, magnificent sunsets that occur here each night.

Today was a busy day.  We had to venture to town for grocery shopping which has become our least favorite chore.  It means being exposed to the public and potentially to the deadly virus.  We take precautions, of course, but it still feels weird to be walking around the market trying to avoid close encounters and wearing bandannas and latex gloves.  We have chosen to shop at the Safeway since they have been very progressive about minimizing exposure for both customers and employees.  Since our last visit, they have staff outside wiping down the carts for customers, have installed plastic shields at the check-out, have ALL staff wearing masks and gloves, and have many floor labels designating safe distances and one-way aisles.

So, due to our excursion today, my first opportunity to photograph was after we returned, put groceries away and prepared dinner.  Today, the forecast was for 80% rain and thunderstorms which was why we chose to shop.  We got back to our campsite and it had not rained one drop!   The mountains all around us were cloaked in clouds and experiencing some type of precipitation.  Just before sunset, clouds started to disperse and the sky was very dramatic.  Hence, my photo op!!   Enjoy!

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