What’s App-ening?

Woods Brook Rd (2) 3.27.17
Foggy Vermont Spring Forest!

It’s been great this spring to have some time to focus on getting some of my resource pages underway.  With weather such as you see above, there’s nothing cozier than snuggling into my old recliner with my laptop and a hot cup (or maybe a glass of wine!) and getting some RV research work done. 🙂

Screenshot_20170419-194709For several years, I was on the conference planning committee for a regional New England library interest group.  We wanted to focus the topic of our next one-day conference on popular, vetted apps used by library professionals.  We were brainstorming possible catchy titles for the conference and one member of our group suggested “What’s App-ening”.  We all agreed it was alluring enough to draw people in, and adopted this suggestion as our conference moniker.    So, I’m stealing the idea – admittedly and unashamedly!

There are sooooooo many mobile apps out there that are downloaded and utilized by Rver’s.  It can be overwhelming at times to know which apps are ideally suitable and advantageous.

I love hearing about new apps tested by fellow RVers, and deemed trustworthy and useful.  Some criteria I personally find helpful when evaluating an app and deciding if it’s a *keeper*:

  • Is it free? If not, will it save me money and/or time?
  • Is the app regularly updated? Is someone maintaining it for currency and accuracy?
  • How appealing is the user interface? Easy navigation?  Simple design elements and functionality?
  • Is the app aesthetically pleasing? Is it uncluttered and efficient?
  • Is the app sensitive to your geographic location, if applicable?
  • Can it perform over multi-platforms – tablet, phone, laptop?
  • Is there a mechanism for app administrators to receive feedback from users?
  • If appropriate, can users contribute reviews and/or information? And if so, is there quality control?

I’m most apt to download and try out an app if it was recommended by someone, or if I’ve found overwhelmingly good reviews.  Many of the apps I’ve listed below I personally use, and others are included because I’ve seen good reviews or recommendations and want to record them here as a reminder to try them out.  Suggestions for additions to this list are always welcome!



Campgrounds, Overnight and Boondocking Spots (see longer narrative on Campgrounds page for the ones I use frequently)

Dump Stations



Hiking and Biking

Navigation and Connectivity







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