Photo of the Day 4.14.20

LCNCA bike ride loop (6 of 6)
Bike with Oranges 🙂

Today we completed our longest bike ride here on the ranch – taking a route that created an 18-mile loop through the conservation area.  The photo above pretty much sums up our routine when we ride – stop half-way and have lunch!  Lunch always ends with a naval orange – such a refreshing finale to a meal!!  This time Jim made sure he grabbed his Swiss Army knife off the back of the bike before I took off! 🙂

One of the most exciting parts of the ride today was our encounter with a herd of cattle shepherding along their calves.  For some unexplained reason, they were especially nervous and we could hear them bellowing from a distance and moving quickly through the mesquite.  When we came upon them, they started running en masse!  It was the closest I’ve been to a mini-stampede.  We’re not sure what spooked them – coyote perhaps  – but we kept our distance and let them cross the path in front of us.  Eventually, they settled down and we went on our way.  Lots of calves in the herds this time of year!

On some of the rocky hillsides along our route, more of the Desert Mariposa Lilies were blooming as well as a delightful little lupine called Shortstem Lupine.

LCNCA bike ride loop (3 of 6)
Calochortus kennedyi – Desert Mariposa Lily
LCNCA bike ride loop (4 of 6)
Loved the shot of the mariposa lily through the grass!
LCNCA bike ride loop (2 of 6)
This cute little plant is a Shortstem Lupine – Lupinus brevicaulis
LCNCA bike ride loop (5 of 6)
A high point along the ride looking out over the Cienega Creek (the line of green Cottonwoods) towards the Mt. Wrightson Wilderness


2 Comments on “Photo of the Day 4.14.20

  1. Love your photographs. You really have an eye. I’m serious about want a framed one in my home! The problem is which one to choose.


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