Month: July 2020

Photo of the Day 7.27.20 Monarch!

My husband and I were sitting out on the front porch tonight eating our dinner when we spotted this Monarch butterfly hovering near the purple coneflower!  It’s my first sighting of the season!  So exciting!  This little fellow was very skittish and I could… Continue Reading “Photo of the Day 7.27.20 Monarch!”

Vermont Summer Series 7.25.20 Visitors

We’ve had a week of visitors to our home in Vermont.  Last weekend, we enjoyed a visit from my son and daughter-in-law and throughout the past week we’ve been entertaining Jim’s brother from Wisconsin.  It’s been nice to have someone else to talk with… Continue Reading “Vermont Summer Series 7.25.20 Visitors”

Photo of the Day 7.20.20 Cosmos in the Morning Light

With family visiting over the weekend, I took a technology break and kept the computer and social media time to a minimum.  I did sneak out early Saturday morning with my camera though! 🙂  There was a heavy fog in the air and the… Continue Reading “Photo of the Day 7.20.20 Cosmos in the Morning Light”

Photo of the Day 7.17.20 Lady’s Mantle

I’ve been meaning to photograph my Lady’s Mantle in bloom for several days.  The way the leaves hold onto rain drops and dew has always fascinated me.  This plant always reminds me of the photographs I’ve seen of English gardens with mass plantings of… Continue Reading “Photo of the Day 7.17.20 Lady’s Mantle”

Vermont Summer Series 7.16.20 Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller National Historic Park

Yesterday, I mentioned embarking on a short road trip.  I have been craving a visit to a public garden and heard that the mansion at the Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller National Historic Park maintained some formal gardens reminiscent of the original gardens of the former estate.  I’m… Continue Reading “Vermont Summer Series 7.16.20 Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller National Historic Park”

Photo of the Day 7.15.20 Fountain Magic

Took a road trip today.  I have been practicing the “safer at home” mandate since arriving back in Vermont.  But, I really needed a change of scenery and decided to visit Vermont’s only national park.  More to come on my visit in another post! … Continue Reading “Photo of the Day 7.15.20 Fountain Magic”

Photo of the Day 7.13.20 Black-eyed Susan

Black-eyed Susan wildflowers are starting to pop up in the abandoned field’s around my neighborhood.  On my walk this morning, I noticed this grouping of Rudbeckia hirta catching the sun’s rays while the background remained in shadow.  I liked the effect. It is said… Continue Reading “Photo of the Day 7.13.20 Black-eyed Susan”

Photo of the Day 7.12.20 Stella d’Oro

I’ve been a fan of Stella d’Oro day lilies since operating my landscape design business in Chester County, Pennsylvania some 20-30 years ago.  I tended to shy away from the overused plant material commonly chosen by commercial landscape architects – considering myself  a more… Continue Reading “Photo of the Day 7.12.20 Stella d’Oro”

Photo of the Day 7.11.20 Containers and Color

The nasturtium I planted in this clay pot earlier in the summer is growing wild!   It’s starting to cascade over the edge of the pot and has definitely overpowered the alyssum I had included in this arrangement.  Note to myself for another year –… Continue Reading “Photo of the Day 7.11.20 Containers and Color”

Photo of the Day 7.9.20 Peonies and Possibilities

My peonies have long since ended their bloom cycle but I loved how this photograph turned out in black and white and had to share.  I also used this photo as the feature photograph on my new blog page entitled “Store”  that I just… Continue Reading “Photo of the Day 7.9.20 Peonies and Possibilities”