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More Scavenger Hunt Photos

  Our staff photo challenge scavenger hunt is over.  It was fun for those of us who participated.  Here are some of my other entries. The above shot was #12 on our list and the task was to capture a butterfly shot.  I had… Continue Reading “More Scavenger Hunt Photos”

Tuesday Treks: Photo Scavenger Hunt

Throughout the summer, our fee station staff have participated in several monthly “contests” just to make life interesting and to have some fun.  For the month of September, we are engaging in a Photo Scavenger Hunt!  As you can imagine, I jumped right on… Continue Reading “Tuesday Treks: Photo Scavenger Hunt”

Sunset in Acadia

The sunrises and sunsets I’ve experienced along the coast of Acadia over the past two seasons will share a place among the fondest memories I will take away with me when I depart here in late October.  Tonight I walked down to the rocks… Continue Reading “Sunset in Acadia”

Wednesday Walkabout: Little Hunters Beach Take Two

I got a second chance to shoot the moonrise at Little Hunters Beach tonight.  Arriving just before moonrise, I calculated where the moon would appear using my compass cell phone application.  I moved around the cove several times taking shots from different angles and… Continue Reading “Wednesday Walkabout: Little Hunters Beach Take Two”

Tuesday Treks: Little Hunters Beach

Sometimes the best laid plans are foiled.  I intended to walk to Little Hunter’s Beach to capture some moonscape photographs on Tuesday evening.  When I got to the cobblestone beach, I discovered a dense fog on the horizon that obscured the rising of the… Continue Reading “Tuesday Treks: Little Hunters Beach”

Wednesday Walkabouts: Around Mount Desert Island

Wednesday was a busy day for me.  I had several goals to accomplish – visit Thuya Gardens to see what was blooming and visit with the Monarch butterfly caterpillars, walk the loop around Witch Hole Pond in search of pitcher plants, and pick up… Continue Reading “Wednesday Walkabouts: Around Mount Desert Island”

Wednesday Walkabouts: Acadia’s Beachcroft Path

One of my favorite hikes last summer brought me to the summit of Champlain Mountain on the North Ridge trail.  This year, for a little variety, I decided to ascend via one of the other routes up to the summit – the Beachcroft Path. … Continue Reading “Wednesday Walkabouts: Acadia’s Beachcroft Path”

Thursday Thrills: Little Long Pond, Seal Harbor

It’s always a thrill to take a stroll along Little Long Pond.  It’s one of my favorite places on Mount Desert Island.  There are always new things to discover along the paths, around the pond and on the carriage roads.  Today, the daisies on… Continue Reading “Thursday Thrills: Little Long Pond, Seal Harbor”

Wednesday Walkabouts: Bernard Mountain, Acadia NP

Today I decided to hike some of the “quiet side” trails in Acadia National Park.  I had not really covered any of the trails on the southern side of Long Pond last year and thought I should make up for that this summer. Yesterday… Continue Reading “Wednesday Walkabouts: Bernard Mountain, Acadia NP”

Tuesday Treks: Acadia Carriage Roads

My Tuesday Trek was true to it’s name – I took a ride on my Trek!! 🙂  I decided it was time to get the bike on the trail this summer and planned a route on the carriage roads today.  My route took me… Continue Reading “Tuesday Treks: Acadia Carriage Roads”