More Scavenger Hunt Photos


#12 A butterfly - Monarch at Thuya
#12 A Butterfly  

Our staff photo challenge scavenger hunt is over.  It was fun for those of us who participated.  Here are some of my other entries.

The above shot was #12 on our list and the task was to capture a butterfly shot.  I had no doubt where I would choose to go to find the most butterflies.  Thuya Gardens is all about Monarch butterflies right now.  They are floating en masse in the sky above the border gardens and feeding on the Joe Pye Weed in particular.  It was magical to watch them flutter in the air and gracefully descend onto a flower. 

#14 A Raindrop (1 of 1)
#14 A Rain Drop

I guess I cheated here a tad on the rain drop photo! 🙂    A close-up shot of the fountain on the Village Green in Bar Harbor.  It might have been raining as well 😉

I submitted a couple of real rain drop photos just to be fair!

#14 A Raindrop 3 (1 of 1)#14 A Raindrop 4 (1 of 1)

#7 Full Moon 9.14.19 (1 of 1)
#7 The Full Moon

In retrieving a full moon shot, I was forced to wait until I got off work.  The nice part about that is I did not need a headlamp!  Boy – was it bright out!  I wasn’t able to make it down to the coast for the moon rise due to work schedule – but still captured a nice shot and reflection on the water with the spruce tree silhouettes in the foreground.

#9 A Mushroom still growing (1 of 1)
#9 A Mushroom

When you want to find a mushroom to shoot, all of a sudden they disappear!!  I searched for mushrooms on several hikes before I found any worthy of a photograph.  This gem was located just off the Quarry Trail near Blackwoods Campground – on a small unmarked side-trail.  Love the bright green moss in the background – such rich, earthy colors!

#2 Fall Color (1 of 1)
#2 Fall Color

I noticed these leaves floating in the fountain on the Village Green and I thought they made a nice mosaic of fall leaves floating on the water.  Notice the coins sparkling in the background!

#3 A Bridge in the Park 2 (1 of 1)
#3 A Bridge in the Park

It was obvious that one of the Rockefeller bridges would be chosen for this challenge photo.  I wanted something a little different than a wide-angle shot of the entire bridge.  The Cobblestone Bridge is one of my favorites and I decided to focus on the arch spanning the Jordan Stream.

A fun workplace challenge!

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