Wednesday Walkabouts: Acadia’s Beachcroft Path

Champlain and Beachcroft trails (1 of 5)
Replicating a famous George Dorr photograph on Beachcroft Path!

One of my favorite hikes last summer brought me to the summit of Champlain Mountain on the North Ridge trail.  This year, for a little variety, I decided to ascend via one of the other routes up to the summit – the Beachcroft Path.  This trail dates back to the late 1800’s and was built by the “father” of Acadia, George Dorr along with the help of the Bar Harbor Village Improvement Association.  The meticulously laid stone steps wind their way up the steep slope of Huguenot Mountain via several switchbacks.  Near the summit of Huguenot, the trail descends slightly to the valley between Huguenot and Champlain and then starts a 1/2 mile steep ascent up the western slope of Champlain.

Champlain and Beachcroft trails (2 of 5)
Example of the stone work on the Beachcroft Path

I loved this hike.  The Beachcroft Path is a marvel of engineering design and underwent some trail maintenance earlier this year – making it a sweet walkabout and a great route to summit Champlain.  Along the way, I took time to turn around and enjoy the views of Dorr Mountain, the Tarn, Cadillac Mountain and Frenchman’s Bay in the distance.

The hardest section of the trail is the final push up to the top of Champlain and, while it was steep and involved some minor rock scrambles, it was totally do-able and a great aerobic workout!

Champlain and Beachcroft trails (3 of 5)
On the summit of Champlain, some water “pockets” added a nice touch to the scenery overlooking Frenchman’s Bay
Champlain and Beachcroft trails (4 of 5)
Champlain Mountain looks out over Frenchman’s Bay and the Porcupine Islands – thankfully, no cruise ships disturbing the view today!!
Champlain and Beachcroft trails (5 of 5)
View of Dorr and Cadillac Mountains from the south side of Champlain – how ’bout those clouds! 🙂

Descending the South Ridge trail of Champlain, I skirted by The Bowl and went up and over Gorham Mountain.  My final mile was to the Otter Cliff shuttle bus stop so I could catch the #3 Sand Beach shuttle back to my car at Sieur de Monts.  Gotta love the free shuttle bus system in the park!  Great day of hiking in Acadia National Park! 🙂

Pickerel Weed Pontederia cordata (1 of 1)
Pickerel Weed –  Pontederia cordata – blooming in The Bowl

One Comment on “Wednesday Walkabouts: Acadia’s Beachcroft Path

  1. Great photos Lynn and some lovely views. I’d like to try the first section up the Beachcroft Path to Huguenot Mountain but will forgo the rest of your ambitious hike over Champlain, etc. My legs and lungs are not up that kind of performance. I love the looks of those stone steps and their 140 year history.

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