Tuesday Treks: Photo Scavenger Hunt

Sunset at Lynns Rock (1 of 1)
Entry #1 A Favorite Rock Formation

Throughout the summer, our fee station staff have participated in several monthly “contests” just to make life interesting and to have some fun.  For the month of September, we are engaging in a Photo Scavenger Hunt!  As you can imagine, I jumped right on this and since our official start date of 9/8/19 I have been busy capturing some of the necessary subjects.  Not everything I post here will make it to the “final” 16 – but I’ll share some of my efforts!

The first photo (Entry #1) on the list must include a favorite rock formation.  Acadia boasts many such features including the infamous Bubble Rock.  However, my all-time favorite is the above glacial erratic that is perched on the edge of the shoreline along a quiet part of the Park Loop Road.  I have affectionately named this rock “Lynn’s Rock” since I have climbed down to this little beach many times and consider it my own private spot.

#4 A Bird - ducks near Witch Hole Pond (1 of 1)
Entry # 4 – A Bird of Any Kind

For my Tuesday Trek this week, I chose to walk around the Witch Hole Pond carriage road loop in search of some more scavenger hunt photographs.   I almost missed these ducks entirely!  They were so camouflaged that it was not until I turned to clamber back up the bank from this marshy area that I caught a flicker of movement and discovered these two ducks resting among the lily pads.

#3 A Bridge - Duck Brook (1 of 1)
#3 A Bridge in the Park

One of the prettiest bridges in the park spans the Duck Brook gorge and serves as the entrance to the Witch Hole Pond carriage road system.  There are 17 total bridges in the park – 16 of which were built by John D. Rockfeller, Jr.  The Duck Brook Bridge was completed in 1929.  Visit the Acadia National Park web page to learn more about these historic bridges and the carriage road network.

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