Tuesday Treks: Little Hunters Beach

Sailboat off Little Hunters Beach (1 of 1)

Sometimes the best laid plans are foiled.  I intended to walk to Little Hunter’s Beach to capture some moonscape photographs on Tuesday evening.  When I got to the cobblestone beach, I discovered a dense fog on the horizon that obscured the rising of the moon.  At first I was disappointed, but then thought I could at least secure some sunset pictures.

Imagine my surprise when this sailboat suddenly appeared crossing the horizon while I was waiting for sunset!  With the fog as a backdrop, and the sails lit by the setting sun, I snared an unexpected and pretty cool photograph! 🙂

It’s supposed to be a little clearer on Wednesday night, so I’ll try my luck again with the “almost” full moon rise.

2 Comments on “Tuesday Treks: Little Hunters Beach

  1. Lynn, kudos to you!
    Serendipity brought you a winner! That is a beautiful photo of one sweet ship. I enlarged the image and see a two masted gaff rig with two sails ahead of the front mast (head sail and jib?).
    Showing up and timing is everything.


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