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Sunset in Acadia

The sunrises and sunsets I’ve experienced along the coast of Acadia over the past two seasons will share a place among the fondest memories I will take away with me when I depart here in late October.  Tonight I walked down to the rocks… Continue Reading “Sunset in Acadia”

Tantalizing Tide Pools in Acadia

Last Friday morning I decided to explore the coastline at low tide and drove over to the Wonderland Trail on the quiet side of the island.  Since this is a popular “tidepooling” spot, I was expecting company and was not disappointed!  However, there is… Continue Reading “Tantalizing Tide Pools in Acadia”

Photo Challenge: Acadia: May 19

Since ancient times, people have bestowed names on each full moon of the year.  Different cultures had unique labels for the full moons – usually designated by characteristics of the particular month in which each occurs.  The descriptive tags often refer to the tasks… Continue Reading “Photo Challenge: Acadia: May 19”

Photo Challenge: Acadia: May 5

Finally, I was able to get in a 4-mile hike after work today and meandered along part of the Ocean Path just before sunset.  Pools of water were evident along the rocky cliffs and provided for some nice reflections.  The clouds were interesting as… Continue Reading “Photo Challenge: Acadia: May 5”