Life after Acadia

Sunset Hook Road (1 of 1)
Sunrise in Vermont Hills

I’ve been back in Vermont since the end of October – enjoying the space and comfort of my home.   I find that it always takes me awhile to “adjust” to life back home and settle into a routine.  This year, that adjustment was complicated by the fact that I traveled shortly after returning home to South Carolina.

I drove to Pennsylvania and rendezvoused with my mother, sister and cousin.  We traveled from there to Edisto Beach, South Carolina to enjoy a few days of rest and relaxation and visit with family and our newest member – my great-nephew.  We rented a small cottage right on the beach.  It was perfect.  Temperatures were mild enough to enjoy early morning coffee on the deck and several long beach walks.  A good time was had by all!

Morning Relaxation and Sunrise

Edisto sunrise (1 of 1)

Edisto morning coffee (1 of 1)
Sister Vicki with cousin Ginny – ah, this is the life!!
Edisto cottage (1 of 1)
Mom hiding behind the banister 🙂

Edisto getty (1 of 1)

Walks on the Beach!

Lynn and Vicki on Edisto Beach
Myself with sister Vicki – walking the beach – what bliss!!  OH – that sand between the toes!!!
Edisto beach walk (1 of 1)
Ginny and Vicki posing on the rocks – Ginny got nailed by a wave just after I snapped this picture – walked back with wet jeans and feet!!

Sunsets and Bird Life

Edisto sunset (1 of 1)Edisto sunset 5 (1 of 1)Edisto sunset 2 (1 of 1)Edisto sunset 3 (1 of 1)Edisto sunset 4 (1 of 1)Edisto sunset 6 (1 of 1)

Edisto beach pelicans (1 of 1)
Oh! – my favorite bird – watched Pelicans all week long and never tired of enjoying their dive bombing for food!

Newest Edition to the Family

Edisto beach Hanna and James William 2 (1 of 1)
Baby James William and mom Hannah – what a cutie!
Edisto beach Hanna and James William (1 of 1)
Baby James William and mom Hannah – a very happy couple!!


Developing a routine was suspended until my return from SC.  Many workamping RVer’s live full-time in their rig and, therefore, do not have to make the transition to “home” after their seasonal work is completed.  While that presents its own challenges, returning to a bricks and mortar house is a different dynamic.   When I returned this year, I put my camera aside and took a break from writing.  I needed to focus on settling into life here and making plans for winter.  I’m still immersed in that process!

While we contemplate how the winter will unfold and decide on our next adventure,  there are many things that need attention.  I’ve been busy making lists of necessary tasks to be completed.  These tasks represent new projects to be tackled as well as completion of those left undone from last spring.  There really is never any shortage of projects – the challenge is prioritizing!

One major project that we want to finish is our partially completed cedar strip canoe.  We spent the better half of a day conducting online research and settled on the fiberglass and epoxy that we want to order.   While Jim works on completing sanding the hull, I am going to attempt caning the seats that we will install in the canoe.  After much research and deliberation, we decided on a pattern and size for the seats.  Jim constructed the seats over the past two days and they are ready for me to start caning.   Should be interesting!    I’ve bookmarked some great YouTube videos to reference while I work and will start caning this weekend using leftover materials from the last seat caning project Luke completed many years ago.  It pays to save all that stuff!!

Sanding phase of the project


Seat frame all ready for me!!

In addition to the canoe project, I’m busy deep cleaning the house, organizing files, sorting through and getting rid of “stuff”, editing all my summer photographs in Lightroom, taking daily walks, setting a routine for writing and photographing and planning the next adventure.

I still have some blog posts to share relating to my summer in Acadia.  Stay tuned for those!  Hoping to post more frequently now that I’m settled – topics to vary depending on what is happening in my life and where the spirit takes me.



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