Acadia Awakening

Blue Hill Overlook Sunset in Acadia National Park

Acadian Walk

Rocky root-filled trail

Winds through the silent forest

Peace infuses the air. ~Lynn Thomas Amber

I’m back! It’s been three weeks since I once again landed on Mount Desert Island for my summer gig in Acadia National Park. It’s been a busy time getting back into a work routine and, as a result, I’ve not posted in awhile. Yesterday, as I hiked the Day Mountain trail, the haiku above popped into my head. For those who know Acadia’s trails – rocks and roots define the experience!

As I ease myself back into island life, I have managed to spend some time exploring old favorite haunts and capturing the landscape as it makes the transition from winter to spring. Finally – I have some time to share some of my initial photographs! 🙂

View of Frenchman’s Bay from Park Loop Road
Watching the tide roll in on Sand Beach
Sieur du Monts Spring
Gorham Mountain Viewpoint
Cadillac Mountain Summit at Sunset
Evening light at Little Hunter’s Beach
Cobblestone Bridge

When I arrived the end of April, there was very little evidence that spring was upon us. Over the last 3 weeks, the vegetation within and around Acadia has started to wake up and early spring flowering plants are blooming. The landscape is glowing with the fresh, new, bright green leaves of the deciduous trees, shrubs and perennial plants.

Amelanchier just starting to bloom when I first arrived….
And, now in full bloom along many trails and roadways…
Love the way the birch catkins catch the light!
It’s always so exciting to see the ferns unfolding their fronds!
Asticou Azalea Gardens, the early blooming royal azalea is on display!
An unusual Jack-in-the-pulpit at Asticou Azalea Gardens
Shortia galacifolia growing in Asticou…
An interesting double-white trillium at Asticou

I am fascinated by the emerging leaves and flowers of the Moosewood Maple. I’m not sure why but the way the leaves catch the light through the forest canopy is awe-inspiring. Since arriving in Acadia, I’ve watched the new leaves emerge and expand, and the flowers start to form. Lovely!

New leaves of the Moosewood Maple
Along the Day Mountain Trail, the Moosewood Maple leaves are expanding ….
And, some Moosewood Maples are flowering – depending on exposure…
The landscape is awash with the bright green leaves of spring time – these beech leaves are out in abundance on the Day Mountain Trail
I even found some low-bush blueberries blooming along the trail!

Spring has arrived in Acadia and the trails, forests and carriage roads are beckoning! It’s good to be back enjoying this island paradise.

Carriage Road at Hemlock Bridge
Moss-covered forest floor

2 Comments on “Acadia Awakening

  1. Nice pictures of Mount Desert Island although the name is not very attractive. I remember loving this beautiful nature, even if at the beginning I was attracted by the memory of the Belgian author Margueritte Yourcenar who had settled in Bar Harbor. Not a bad choice.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you for the reference to the author Margueritte Yourcenar. I’m not familiar with her but looked her up online. Apparently, her house called Petite Plaisance is located in Northeast Harbor and is now a museum. I’ll have to check it out and see if the local library has any of her works. 🙂


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