Ghost Crabs

Atlantic Ghost Crab

During my week in Stone Harbor this past September, I was thoroughly entertained by these shy creatures as I walked the Stone Harbor Point beach. At low tide, the beach is wide and long and towards the southern most tip of the island the ghost crabs are abundant.

I kept my distance as they are very timid. Eventually patience paid off and I was able to capture some good photos. This guy above hovered near the opening to his burrow as I was snapping off shots as if saying “come on – go ahead and take my picture!” Even with my zoom lens, I still needed to crop the photo above significantly! I love the way they skitter across the sand sideways and disappear into their burrows! It’s so comical.

The Latin name for this crab is Ocypode quadrata – and I learned that ocypode means “swift-footed” in Latin. They also hibernate in their burrows during the winter months. Cool!

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