Bay View

Looking out towards Sanctuary Bay and the Great Channel

In September, my mother and several of her retirement community friends rented a house in Stone Harbor on 121st. That’s just one block from the end of the developed part of Seven Mile Island. I was invited to join them this year and was excited to do some biking on the island. I was most interested in “flat” easy terrain – unlike our hills here in Vermont! The day I chose to ride the island it was very windy – so that definitely made up for the relative flatness of my ride! I started at the southern most part of the island and biked all the way to the top of the island – which took me through Avalon.

I stopped along the way to visit some old haunting grounds, especially the Avalon boardwalk. I spent a good bit of time in Avalon when my sons were young. At that time, my mother-in-law lived just off island and I would visit often in the summer with the kids. After getting Jim set up with a landscaping job, I’d head across the Commodore Barry Bridge and make my way to the shore via several New Jersey back roads while he stayed back in PA to work during the week. Jim would join me on the weekend and I remember it being such a relaxing, carefree time in our lives. My older son took his first steps at the shore and learned how to ride a two-wheeled bike on the boardwalk and in the Swainton neighborhood where we stayed. I was so fortunate to have spent so many wonderful, happy-go-lucky days in Avalon and Stone Harbor during those years as a young mother!

The Avalon Boardwalk

Back in the day, this was a favorite spot to access the beach – with a large parking lot and restrooms nearby – it was convenient with young kids. Of course, the ice cream place at the end of this group of stores was also an attraction! 🙂

Avalon beach off the boardwalk…..
At the top of the island looking towards Sea Isle City to the north….

2 Comments on “Bay View

  1. I was curious to know how you settled on Stone Harbor for a “beach vacation” and assumed there was some history there since you grew up at Longwood Gardens near Philly. Lucky you! Thanks for satisfying my curiosity before I had to ask you directly. Strolling down memory lane can be so satisfying in the autumn (of our lives) or any other season.


    • Our beach of choice in my childhood was Ocean City, NJ. Stone Harbor became the go-to place after meeting Jim. His family had connections in Stone Harbor. His grandparents and uncle both had homes in Stone Harbor. Jim’s mother spent her summer’s in Stone Harbor as a kid and later moved to the area after her own kids were grown to be near her mother who still lived in Stone Harbor year-round at that time.

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