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Bird Sanctuary ART

The Stone Harbor Bird Sanctuary inhabits several city blocks – sandwiched between 2nd and 3rd Avenues and running from 111th Street to 117th Street. The small building in the photo above sits at one of the trailheads and had the coolest, folk-artsy door painting!… Continue Reading “Bird Sanctuary ART”

A Shore Thing

One thing is for “shore” – there’s no shortage of sand, grassy dunes and wide-open sky along the Jersey coast. Everyone who lives in the mid-Atlantic states knows that when talking about the coastal vacation hot spots you are either a Jersey Shore aficionado… Continue Reading “A Shore Thing”

Bay View

In September, my mother and several of her retirement community friends rented a house in Stone Harbor on 121st. That’s just one block from the end of the developed part of Seven Mile Island. I was invited to join them this year and was… Continue Reading “Bay View”

Seaside Garden

Just past 122nd Street along 2nd Avenue and adjacent to the Stone Harbor Point Preserve parking lot is a small seaside garden maintained by the Stone Harbor Garden Club. Occupying some prime real estate and surrounded by fences and thick vegetation, it is easy… Continue Reading “Seaside Garden”

Plover Play

I’m pretty sure these shorebirds are plovers. I might go as far as to say they are possibly juvenile Black-bellied Plovers or non-breeding adults. Chime in here all you bird experts and correct me if I’m wrong please! And inform me how to tell… Continue Reading “Plover Play”

Ghost Crabs

During my week in Stone Harbor this past September, I was thoroughly entertained by these shy creatures as I walked the Stone Harbor Point beach. At low tide, the beach is wide and long and towards the southern most tip of the island the… Continue Reading “Ghost Crabs”

Stone Harbor Point Marshlands

The house we rented in Stone Harbor is just a block from the dunes, beach and marshlands of Stone Harbor Point. My daily walk included the nearly two-mile one-way hike (at low-tide) to the point – the southern most tip of the Seven Mile… Continue Reading “Stone Harbor Point Marshlands”

Longing for the shore

Yesterday we had a dusting of snow, this morning a few inches. It is cold and windy and gray. Is it any wonder I was dreaming of warmer times – in particular my September visit to Stone Harbor, New Jersey! I’ve been slowly processing… Continue Reading “Longing for the shore”