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Trip Down Memory Lane Part I

My love affair with Longwood Gardens began in infancy. For the first 11 years of my life, I was fortunate to live right on the grounds of this renowned public garden in Kennett Square, PA. It was my backyard playground. Many happy hours were… Continue Reading “Trip Down Memory Lane Part I”

Seaside Garden

Just past 122nd Street along 2nd Avenue and adjacent to the Stone Harbor Point Preserve parking lot is a small seaside garden maintained by the Stone Harbor Garden Club. Occupying some prime real estate and surrounded by fences and thick vegetation, it is easy… Continue Reading “Seaside Garden”

Spotlight on Witchhazel

October morning Witchhazel blossoms shine bright With the rising sun ~ Lynn Amber My witchhazel tree has taken center stage in my garden this week. Blooming in late October and November, this plant is found all over the eastern part of the United States… Continue Reading “Spotlight on Witchhazel”

Vermont Summer Series 7.16.20 Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller National Historic Park

Yesterday, I mentioned embarking on a short road trip.  I have been craving a visit to a public garden and heard that the mansion at the Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller National Historic Park maintained some formal gardens reminiscent of the original gardens of the former estate.  I’m… Continue Reading “Vermont Summer Series 7.16.20 Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller National Historic Park”

Photo of the Day 7.15.20 Fountain Magic

Took a road trip today.  I have been practicing the “safer at home” mandate since arriving back in Vermont.  But, I really needed a change of scenery and decided to visit Vermont’s only national park.  More to come on my visit in another post! … Continue Reading “Photo of the Day 7.15.20 Fountain Magic”

Photo of the Day 7.11.20 Containers and Color

The nasturtium I planted in this clay pot earlier in the summer is growing wild!   It’s starting to cascade over the edge of the pot and has definitely overpowered the alyssum I had included in this arrangement.  Note to myself for another year –… Continue Reading “Photo of the Day 7.11.20 Containers and Color”

Vermont Summer Series: 6.8.20

The blooming of my bearded iris signifies for me the true onset of summer! 🙂  Have you ever looked really, really closely at an iris flower?   Truly amazing anatomy!  Some fun facts that I’ve compiled: Historically, the origin of iris flowers can be traced… Continue Reading “Vermont Summer Series: 6.8.20”

Vermont Summer Series 5.26.20

The month of May has been unusually dry, sunny and warm here in Vermont.  I’m not complaining since my body is used to the heat of the Southwest!  I’ve spent the past several days engrossed in completing an intensive weeding of my front garden… Continue Reading “Vermont Summer Series 5.26.20”

Photo Challenge: Acadia: May 14

Today was cold and rainy with temperatures that just chill you to the bone.  I had a long, long day of work and training sessions.  For my photo today, I chose to once again review some of my photographs from last year – as… Continue Reading “Photo Challenge: Acadia: May 14”

Photo Challenge: Vermont: May 10

It’s been a steady and sometimes heavy rain here in Acadia all day – low 40’s and wet!  No chance to get out and take pictures today.  I looked through my computer files for any photographs I’ve taken on May 10 and found this… Continue Reading “Photo Challenge: Vermont: May 10”