Vermont Summer Series 5.26.20

Vermont Garden (5 of 7)
Fothergilla in bloom at  last!!

The month of May has been unusually dry, sunny and warm here in Vermont.  I’m not complaining since my body is used to the heat of the Southwest!  I’ve spent the past several days engrossed in completing an intensive weeding of my front garden area.  This effort included mending part of the cedar picket fence damaged due to snow load in the winter, trimming dead wood from shrubs and removing “volunteer” plants that have been allowed to take root over the last couple of years!

My Star Magnolia rebounded from a hard frost that damaged some of the early blossoms and produced a second round of beautiful white flowers – this time with a back drop of fresh, new leaves.

Vermont Garden (1 of 7)
Second bloom on Star Magnolia

The Viburnum “Burkwoodii” that I planted near the garage door many years ago also graced me with flowers this week.   The deep pink buds open white with fringed in light pink – and the contrast is stunning!!

Vermont Garden 2 (1 of 1)
Viburnum x “Burkwoodii”

In the woods, Jack-in-the-Pulpit (Arisaema triphyllum)  has emerged.  It is pollinated by small flies and produces red berries in the fall that are favored by birds and rodents alike.  I love the curves and lines of this unique woodland plant and am always so excited to see it emerge every spring.

Vermont Loop Jack in the Pulpit

In the morning, I sit on my front porch sipping my coffee and watching the world come alive.  I’m entertained by robins, thrashers, catbirds, red-winged blackbirds and hummingbirds on any given morning.

Jim and I decided several weeks ago to finally cut down the remaining trunk of the old birch tree that has been a fixture in our front yard since we bought the property.  It  was originally a triple-trunked birch (a favorite with landscapers!) – with the other two parts blowing down over the years.  The tree is suffering with age and looking rather ratty – with dead branches throughout.  The problem is that over the past week I’ve noticed a hummingbird perching on one of the dead branches at the top of the tree.  He has chosen this spot to sit, reflect and observe.  I see him every morning now – and evening – on the same branch.  He has made his point with me.  Needless to say, we will not be cutting down the tree until after the hummingbirds migrate south this Fall!!  🙂

Vermont Garden (2 of 7)


2 Comments on “Vermont Summer Series 5.26.20

  1. So enjoying reading all of this upon your return and re-settling in Vt!
    Your precious little hummingbird! Good luck with all your projects.
    Stay well and we will have to have another zoom meet up this summer!

    Liked by 1 person

    • So glad someone is reading my blog! 🙂 Yes – will definitely have to do another Zoom meeting and hopefully engage the others to join too!! Be well my friend!


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