Vermont Summer Series: 6.8.20

Garden Bearded Iris

The blooming of my bearded iris signifies for me the true onset of summer! 🙂  Have you ever looked really, really closely at an iris flower?   Truly amazing anatomy!  Some fun facts that I’ve compiled:

Historically, the origin of iris flowers can be traced to ancient times.   The word iris has an interesting etymology.  In Greek mythology, Eiris was the goddess of the rainbow and a messenger for the Gods.  She was the communication channel between the Gods and humanity, transporting herself between heaven and earth – using rainbows as her bridge between the two worlds.   Now, every time I see a rainbow, I will imagine Eiris descending to earth with a message for humanity!  😉

In some Asian cultures, the iris has different associations.  Some believe the iris to have purifying effects that can ward off evil.  It is also considered the harbinger and essence of summer.  The latter aligning with my own perspective on what the iris symbolizes!

On a more serious note:

Iris flowers convey different meanings or virtues depending on cultural associations and flower color.  The most prominent of these are:  faith, hope, trust, wisdom and courage.  These meanings hit home with me today as we wade through these recent turbulent waters.  Let these virtues of the iris flower guide us in these disturbing times.

I recently posted a message on my Facebook page as my show of support for the demonstrations happening around the globe – which I’ll share here.  My message is simple – as a nation and a world, we need to move towards – unity, not division – advocate for peace, not violence- support human rights, not anarchy – sow the seeds of respect, not hate – and educate, not inflame.   Today, I’m choosing the iris as my personal symbol of hope for our troubled world!

Garden Iris

8 Comments on “Vermont Summer Series: 6.8.20

  1. Hi Lynn,
    Love your blog. To some extent, have been living, rather, travelling, vicariously through you. Then again, for some of us, living and travelling are synonymous. I live in Ottawa and had intended to travel daughter and then my brother to many of the spots you & your husband visited in the last few months. After seeing your travelogue, I’m more determined than ever to strike out once this plague on good living is gone or at least put to bay. So allow me an understatement – thanks for sharing. Keep up the great going! Cheers!!
    Ottawa Canada


  2. Thank you Lynn! Your photography and yoor thoughts are an inspiration!


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