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October Photo a Day 10.2.21

How appropriate that I would share a photograph of this beautiful rose on the anniversary of the birthday of my grandmother, Virginia! The small rose hips and the brilliant burgundy fall color of Rosa virginiana are very showy right now along Otter Cove in… Continue Reading “October Photo a Day 10.2.21”

Photo a Day 7.19.21

After a solid day of rain yesterday, I went hunting mushrooms again along one of the trails near me. This wee little orange mushroom was growing out of a decaying birch tree stump and it just caught my eye. The abundance and diversity of… Continue Reading “Photo a Day 7.19.21”

Photo a Day 7.16.21

I visited my favorite patch of milkweed at Thuya Gardens today to see if there were any monarch caterpillars munching on the leaves. I noticed this butterfly on one of the flowers and, then, as I was photographing it – along came a caterpillar…..

Photo a Day 7.6.21

I embarked on a short hike after work today on the Great Head Trail in Acadia National Park. It’s a short, but rocky trail that weaves its way along the coastal cliffs of Great Head and through the forest and pitch pine ecosystems. I… Continue Reading “Photo a Day 7.6.21”

Photo a Day 7.4.21 and 7.5.21

Cell signal from the closest tower was so bogged down yesterday that I could not post a photo – and it was raining all day anyway! So, today – I’ll post 2 photos from the last couple of days. In the photo above, the… Continue Reading “Photo a Day 7.4.21 and 7.5.21”

Photo a Day 7.1.21

It’s time to initiate a new challenge for myself to post a photo a day for the month of July! Should be interesting as my cell signal has been challenging the past couple of weeks. I guess the closest tower is getting overwhelmed by… Continue Reading “Photo a Day 7.1.21”

Beautiful Hiking Weather

I’ve been busy hiking the past couple of days on two of my favorite trails in Acadia National Park. The weather has been unseasonably warm for this time of year and I took advantage of it! Hiking the same trails might seem redundant to… Continue Reading “Beautiful Hiking Weather”

Aunt Betty’s Pond

The second day of my time off work last week, I decided to ride my bike on some of the carriage roads in Acadia National Park. One of my favorite areas is the loop that surrounds Witch Hole Pond. Since that circular loop is… Continue Reading “Aunt Betty’s Pond”

NO Mud!

The exceedingly warm temperatures this week meant that we were all on high alert for the roads to break up and revert to mudslides. Surprisingly, the roads remain relatively dry and hard-packed. It’s been an unusual spring mud season or lack thereof! I’m not… Continue Reading “NO Mud!”

A Black and White Day

On our snowshoe yesterday we hiked part of the snowmobile trail and then veered off onto our neighbors lands so as to make a loop back to the house. I love trekking through these high-elevation farm fields. The open meadows afford a view that… Continue Reading “A Black and White Day”