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Flora and Fauna – Spring in the Tetons

The Teton Valley is a remarkable natural environment created by forces of nature spanning millions of years.  The Teton Fault accounts for the formation of the Teton range as movement along this fault caused the dramatic uplift of the mountain range.  Even today, there… Continue Reading “Flora and Fauna – Spring in the Tetons”

Land and “Sea” Adventures

Our first two days off in a row came with welcome relief last week!  While the retail work is not difficult and loads of fun, it is tiring! 😊 The company we work for, Grand Teton Lodge Company, offers its employees the opportunity to… Continue Reading “Land and “Sea” Adventures”

Back to the Tetons – 36 years later

A fellow traveler, Mike, who we met this past winter in Texas, added me to his email list so I could receive his periodic stories of his travels.  In one of his most recent email updates, he started his story as follows: “One of… Continue Reading “Back to the Tetons – 36 years later”

Big Bend National Park: The River

The River Through canyons, past farms Giving life to the desert Behold, Rio Grande The Rio Grande At once forgiving, And ever so nourishing A friendly border. Two poems – what a bargain!  I’m not quite sure why I chose to start my three-part… Continue Reading “Big Bend National Park: The River”

The Big Bend – more than just a park

Davis Mountains Morning The grass glows golden As the early morning light Rests on the hillside.     I am sitting here gazing up at the Davis Mountains in West Texas, sipping on a hot cup of Ginger-Lemon tea, as I contemplate my next… Continue Reading “The Big Bend – more than just a park”

Greetings and Happy New Year from Padre Island

Happy New Year from Padre Island  National Seashore!  We’ve been hanging out here since December 29 enjoying the gulf coast and relaxing.  After a few days just winding down from our Amazon adventure, we are starting to tackle some Airstream projects before getting back… Continue Reading “Greetings and Happy New Year from Padre Island”

Road Trip to Texas: Canyon Tour Con’t….

Okay – back to those awesome canyons!!  We left our beloved boon-docking site outside of Zion National Park and headed to Kanab, Utah.  Instead of driving up to Bryce with the trailer, we opted to stay in (cringing here) an RV park in Kanab.… Continue Reading “Road Trip to Texas: Canyon Tour Con’t….”

Road Trip to Texas – First Leg of the Journey

Our first destination on our road trip was a stopover in Sequoia National Park.   Now, this was not at all planned!  A couple of weeks before we were to be leaving June Lake, our son Luke called and said that he would be in… Continue Reading “Road Trip to Texas – First Leg of the Journey”

Road Trip To Texas – Getting Packed Up

Our last day of work at Oh! Ridge Campground was October 8th.   Hard to believe it’s time to pack up and move on.  It’s amazing how settled in we got in just 3 months.  We had a checklist of things we wanted to do… Continue Reading “Road Trip To Texas – Getting Packed Up”

Yosemite: Outside the Valley Part II

We’ve had the opportunity to explore the northern and eastern areas of Yosemite this summer, and have enjoyed some spectacular hikes and sightseeing.   I wrote about the Tuolumne Meadows area in an earlier post.  The Tioga Pass Road through the northern part of Yosemite… Continue Reading “Yosemite: Outside the Valley Part II”