Photo of the Day 7.12.20 Stella d’Oro

Garden Blooms mid-summer (3 of 9)
Stella d’Oro Daylily

I’ve been a fan of Stella d’Oro day lilies since operating my landscape design business in Chester County, Pennsylvania some 20-30 years ago.  I tended to shy away from the overused plant material commonly chosen by commercial landscape architects – considering myself  a more “discriminating” garden designer.  Stella d’Oro’s were (and probably still are) definitely on the most wanted list for landscape architects and for good reason.   However, even though it’s overused, I make an exception with this day lily.  Mass plantings of these little gems create a beautiful mid-summer display.  They grow so densely that, after an early summer weeding, the foliage discourages adventurous weeds from taking root and pushing up through the leaves.  The plants are virtually maintenance and pest free.  Who doesn’t like those desirable traits?!

Stella d’Oro’s are easily divided after several years and can be used to extend the existing planting area or to utilize in another spot altogether.  I have a trouble spot in front of my porch where water dumps off the standing seam roof during a hard rain.  After experimenting unsuccessfully with many different perennials, I transplanted a few of my day lily clumps in that bed a couple of years ago.  The divisions have completely covered the ground and hold up to the occasional inundation of rain water very nicely! 🙂   Our resident garter snake enjoys the cover of the foliage too!

Below,  the day lilies are well-established now and surviving the water run-off.  This year I added some annual Salvia farinacea plants in front of the lilies just past the drip line of the roof.   They are now starting to expand and bloom providing a nice contrast in the front of the bed.  🙂

Garden Blooms mid-summer (9 of 9)

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