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Thursday Thrills: Acadia

I’ve been watching these Pink Lady’s Slippers for a couple of weeks anxiously waiting for the blooms to appear.  This morning I hiked up to my favorite patch of orchids in anticipation of finally being rewarded with their delicate flowers.  I was not disappointed! … Continue Reading “Thursday Thrills: Acadia”

Photo Challenge: Acadia: May 27

In search of Cypripedium acaule  – Pink Lady’s Slipper!  This evening, I returned to a patch of native orchids I had discovered last year and was excited to see that there are some emerging plants and they will soon be in bloom!  Can’t wait for… Continue Reading “Photo Challenge: Acadia: May 27”

Photo Challenge: Acadia: May 3

Today was just too miserable to go out and shoot after work so I’m grabbing a photo from last spring.  Although the pink lady slippers bloom later on in the month, I wanted to post this photo to show what I have to look… Continue Reading “Photo Challenge: Acadia: May 3”

Settling in at Acadia NP

“My heart is tuned to the quietness that the stillness of nature inspires.”  – Hazrat Inayat Khan I’ve completed my first two full weeks of work at Acadia NP and celebrated after the first week with an 8-mile round trip hike up Cadillac Mountain.  … Continue Reading “Settling in at Acadia NP”

Far From the Madding Crowd

Thomas Hardy’s Victorian era novel with this title portrays the main character, Bathsheba, and her life on a Dorset farm far from the “hustle and bustle” of London.  The term originated in the solemn 16th century poem by Thomas Gray, “Elegy written in a… Continue Reading “Far From the Madding Crowd”

Flora and Fauna – Spring in the Tetons

The Teton Valley is a remarkable natural environment created by forces of nature spanning millions of years.  The Teton Fault accounts for the formation of the Teton range as movement along this fault caused the dramatic uplift of the mountain range.  Even today, there… Continue Reading “Flora and Fauna – Spring in the Tetons”

Big Bend The Mountains

The Pine A lone pine stands watch On the summit of the trail Guarding time, and place. My final post reflecting our time in Big Bend has arrived!  I want to share a quote from the author of a book I have on Big… Continue Reading “Big Bend The Mountains”

Yosemite: Outside the Valley Part I

When most people think of Yosemite, the popular photographs and landscape paintings of El Capitan and Half Dome come to mind.   Yosemite Valley is the main hub of the park and the place I had visited on two previous occasions until this summer.  While… Continue Reading “Yosemite: Outside the Valley Part I”

Hiking the Eastern Sierras Part I

One of the main goals this summer is to explore on foot some of the hiking trails in and around the greater Eastern Sierra range.   My first priority was to get familiar with some trails in close proximity to our campground and around the… Continue Reading “Hiking the Eastern Sierras Part I”