30 Days and 30 Photos – Day 22

One more week to go with my photographic journey experiment!  I worked an odd shift today which meant I did not have time to get out and take pictures.  So, I will once again post an older photo – taken towards the end of August.  As we approach the full moon for September, I am reminded of the pictures I shot of the August full moon called the Sturgeon Moon.   Historically, the August moon was called the Sturgeon Moon because the sturgeon fish were most easily harvested during the month of August.  This nomenclature dates back to colonial days.  It was one of my first attempts to capture a nighttime photograph using my tripod.  My goal for tomorrow night and Monday night is to once again practice my evening photography.  As a prelude to those photographs, I’ve included some of my August full moon shots.  I chose the shot where the moon is slightly masked behind some clouds.  I have others with the moon more visible, but I actually thought this was more interesting with the clouds!  Thanks goes out to my husband Jim for accompanying me when I took these shots and providing me with encouragement and support.

Sturgeon Moon and Trees 2 August 26 (1 of 1)

  • I used the Aperture priority setting – ISO set at 1600.  My camera settings are 1/5 sec. f/4 32mm
  • I used my tripod and the Live View window and set focus at infinity.
  • Exposure Compensation was set to 0.00.
  • In Lightroom, I adjusted highlights, shadows and blacks with just a tiny adjustment to the vibrance setting.  I did crop the photograph.

My other shots of the Sturgeon Moon:

Sturgeon Moon and Trees August 26 (1 of 1)Sturgeon Moon and Rock 2 August 26 (1 of 1)


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