Last night’s Full-ish Moon

Moon rising over the Acadian coast

Funny photographer story about my effort to capture the “Flower Moon:”

I’m enjoying revisiting my old haunts this season but missing my husband’s companionship more this time around.  You’d think that after being isolated with each other for a year that the distance would be welcome!  Not so! 🙂  We talk on the phone frequently at least.  Last night, with my cell phone propped up on a rock, we conversed while I photographed the full moon and the sunset down along the rocky coast (in one of my favorite secret places!)  
As I was packing up my camera gear (while still chatting with him), I lost my balance due to trying to manipulate the tripod, camera bag with extra lens and camera around my neck and shoulders so that the weight was equally distributed.  I tumbled backwards very ungraciously over a large rock and landed on my bum.  Thankfully, unhurt, except for my pride.  It was quite a feat pulling myself up as I had all that gear wrapped around my neck!!  As I lay there awkwardly positioned and weighted down with camera gear shaking my head at my demise, I could hear Jim’s voice from the phone calling “are you still there?”  

Ah – the oft perilous life of a photographer! 🙂

Can you see why I lost my balance!?

3 Comments on “Last night’s Full-ish Moon

  1. How did we manage long distance relationships before cell phones?
    I guess the art of letter writing and the beauty of the written language has suffered, though I doubt a full moon and a distant beach could be shared as spontaneously.


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