Month: March 2020

The “Nellie E. Saloon” Desert Bar

The “Nellie E Saloon” Desert Bar is certainly one of the most unique places to hold a music venue! Located outside of Parker, AZ, the bar is accessed via Cienega Springs Road – a 5-mile drive on a very unimproved, narrow dirt and gravel… Continue Reading “The “Nellie E. Saloon” Desert Bar”

Cibola National Wildlife Refuge

On February 8th, my sister and brother-in-law suggested a field trip to the Cibola National Wildlife Refuge and I enthusiastically accepted! There are nine different wildlife refuges in Arizona and we were close to several of those while in the Quartzsite area. Cibola NWR… Continue Reading “Cibola National Wildlife Refuge”

Somewhere in the Mojave…..

Sitting in the middle of the Mojave Desert, I realized I have been terribly remiss with my blog writing! The trouble is I find it hard to write at times while traveling with my husband.  I don’t have a  handle on exactly why that… Continue Reading “Somewhere in the Mojave…..”