Photo of the Day 3.29.20

Las Cienegasbike ride 2 (2 of 4)
Fremont Cottonwoods along the Cienega Creek

We took  an extended bike ride yesterday along yet another unexplored dirt road in search of the Cienega Creek.  We have noticed the sprawling line of green-topped cottonwoods from a distance.  As we were riding along, it would seem as though the road was leading to the creek but then it would always veer away from it just when we thought we were getting close!

After a while, we decided to turn back since it was getting late in the afternoon.  We stopped to quench our thirst and noticed a woman approaching from the opposite direction on a very eccentric, colorful electric bicycle with two flags flying above her.  One of the flags was displaying the Burning Man 10 Commandments!  The way the bike was decorated, it definitely resembled a bike someone would take to Burning Man!  She chatted with us for quite awhile. We are all getting a tad lonely trying to distance ourselves from human contact!  She explained that her husband has been a Burning Man participant for many years hence the flag and unusual bike.  She mentioned they are also founding members of the Rubber Tramp Rendezvous group who have annual gatherings in and around Quartzsite, AZ each winter.  I have heard of this group but never met anyone who participated in the community gatherings.  

The best part about the encounter was her recommendation that we keep going another 2 miles, through two gates and, eventually, we would indeed reach the Cienega Creek!!  She had just come from there and mentioned there was actually water running in the creek.  It was serendipity that we happened upon her!  Her enthusiasm about the beautiful landscape up ahead and the creek infused us with the extra energy we needed to continue!!

The absolute best part of the ride happened on our return trip.  I was leading the way and saw movement up ahead.  I stopped and watched two coyotes cross the road in front of me and head off into the grass.  They stopped a distance away and looked back at us.  We noticed the cattle in the area huddling up around their calves as they had caught sight of the coyotes as well.  We stood by our bikes and enjoyed watching them several minutes before they scooted off across the land.  It was a glorious end to a perfect day.

Las Cienegasbike ride 2 (3 of 4)
Jim riding through the Sacaton grass flat near Cienega Creek
Las Cienegasbike ride 2 (1 of 4)
Lots of Vermillion Flycatchers in the area!
Las Cienegasbike ride 2 (4 of 4)
The contrast between the blue sky, the Fremont cottonwoods and the Sacaton grass caught my eye!!


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