Photo of the Day 3.30.20

Las Cienegas hike 2 (1 of 5)

On my morning walk with coffee mug and stroopie in hand, this dead Mesquite tree caught my eye with its gnarled, twisting dead branches.  I’m a “bark” person – I love trees with interesting bark – dead or alive.  The monochromatic effect this photo imparts is calming and meditative.  The photo will always remind me of this unique place with its tangled landscape of Mesquite bosques.

While continuing down the road to the pond, I heard the distinctive screech of a what I think was a red-tailed hawk.  I scanned the sky in the direction of the noise and discovered these two hawks in the huge Fremont cottonwoods along the edge of the wash.  What do you think – red-tailed hawks??  That’s my guess.  I cropped the photographs significantly to get a better look at them.  I did not have my binodulars with me.  While not the best wildlife photography, I had fun watching them fly around the cottonwoods!  I noticed a substantial nest in the largest cottonwood the other day and now I’m wondering if it could belong to one of them.  The one hawk kept up a constant screech as if disturbed by something.  I’m not sure if he was irritated with me or something else – but I kept my distance and photographed from afar.  I was actually surprised at the clarity of the pictures given the distance and lack of a tripod.     

Las Cienegas Hawks (1 of 4)Las Cienegas Hawks (2 of 4)Las Cienegas Hawks (3 of 4)Las Cienegas Hawks (4 of 4)




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