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Photo a Day 7.22.21

My husband surprised me on Tuesday by leaving a message on my phone saying that he was on his way for a visit! He’ll be staying for a bit and his first full day here we took a walk on part of the carriage… Continue Reading “Photo a Day 7.22.21”

Photo a Day 7.11.21

I managed to wake up in time to scramble down to the cliffs to see the sunrise this morning which occurred at 4:57am! I was all alone on the rocks. A very subtle, peaceful beginning to the day….

Last night’s Full-ish Moon

Funny photographer story about my effort to capture the “Flower Moon:” I’m enjoying revisiting my old haunts this season but missing my husband’s companionship more this time around.  You’d think that after being isolated with each other for a year that the distance would… Continue Reading “Last night’s Full-ish Moon”

Acadia Awakening

Acadian Walk Rocky root-filled trail Winds through the silent forest Peace infuses the air. ~Lynn Thomas Amber I’m back! It’s been three weeks since I once again landed on Mount Desert Island for my summer gig in Acadia National Park. It’s been a busy… Continue Reading “Acadia Awakening”

Another Vermont Sunrise

I was focused on reading the annual Holiday email letter from a fellow Vermonter and blogger this morning – all while enjoying my morning coffee in “my favorite recliner.” When I finished reading the letter and admiring the photos that were included, I glanced… Continue Reading “Another Vermont Sunrise”

Yet Another stunning sunset

We’ve been experienced some remarkable sunsets recently. Heading up my gravel road after work today, the sun was just starting to dip below the horizon. As I’ve said before, this is one of my favorite times to be out walking – so peaceful and… Continue Reading “Yet Another stunning sunset”

Tree Silhouettes

There’s a beautiful stand of locust trees up the road from my house. I love how the twisting, gnarled branches display against the sky.

Evening Light

I was still sitting in my home office (a.k.a the dining room table) working late when Jim came barreling through the front door insisting I come outside. He had poured a couple glasses of red wine and set up the Adirondack chairs on the… Continue Reading “Evening Light”

Morning Light

I’ve been awaking early each morning before sunrise so that I can relax and organize my day with a quiet cup of coffee. I really need that meditative piece of time. This morning, between cups of java, I grabbed my camera and quickly ventured… Continue Reading “Morning Light”

Longing for the shore

Yesterday we had a dusting of snow, this morning a few inches. It is cold and windy and gray. Is it any wonder I was dreaming of warmer times – in particular my September visit to Stone Harbor, New Jersey! I’ve been slowly processing… Continue Reading “Longing for the shore”