Sunrise Over Otter Point

Sun rising over Otter Point

Rose early the other morning and watched the sunrise over Otter Point. Turned out to be a good move. Since I was up so early I was able to beat the heat and get a 7-mile hike in before noon! 🙂

I hiked a loop that takes me up and over Pemetic Mountain. Love this trail. I started at the north parking lot for Jordan Pond and traversed over to the Bubble Pond carriage road extension via the Bubble and Jordan Ponds Path. From there, I walk the carriage road to its junction with the North Ridge Pemetic Mt trail. This is a steep, rocky and root-covered 1.1 mile trek to the summit. I head back to the parking lot via the South Ridge Pemetic Mt trail and re-do part of the Bubble and Jordan Ponds Path. The entire loop is close to 7 miles and takes the hiker through conifer forests, along two ponds and across the ridgeline of a granite-covered mountain. Who could ask for anything more!! 🙂

Bubble Pond

I choose to do this loop so that I’m walking down the south ridge because the views are just phenomenal!

Rocky ridgeline of Pemetic Mountain – wow, just wow!

4 Comments on “Sunrise Over Otter Point

  1. All lovely photos. I especially like the one of Bubble Pond because the reflected light is such that one can see the pond bottom in the foreground.. So important for spotting fish or other pond life.


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