Photo a Day 7.28.21

Beech Mountain Sunset

With company over the past week, it’s been hard to find time to post. So, you get two-in-one today! Jim and I hiked part way up Beech Mountain last night to try and catch the sunset. The trail that winds up the mountain high above Long Pond offers great views across the body of water and faces towards the west. I’ve been meaning to try and capture a sunset photograph from here since my first summer on the island in 2018. Clouds moved in towards evening but there was still some open sky on the western horizon causing this narrow ribbon of color. The wind was kicking up creating some blurred foliage in the foreground.

Great Head View

The evening before last, we hiked over to the Ocean Path and down along Otter Point. Over the past few days, some campers have reported seeing otters during low tide at Otter Point. And, one family was lucky enough to see a humpback whale off Otter Point beyond the buoy. I thought it would be fun to try and spot the otters. No luck, but the view towards Great Head from the trail was beautiful with the fog rolling in across the water.

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