October Photo of the Day 10.6.21

Sunrise on the Acadia Coast

Since sunrise is coming at a much more reasonable hour these days, I have committed to dragging myself out of bed early as many days as possible until my tenure at Acadia is over for the season. This morning I got all set up on the rocky shoreline and realized I had forgotten my cable release for the camera. Good Grief! I was forced to set up the self-timer to use with the tripod. Not ideal – but it is what it is.

I like to use the “live view” window when I have the camera on a tripod, so I felt for the button in the dark and activated the live view screen. As I was adjusting the shutter speed and aperture, I noticed that I could not slow down the shutter speed below 1/30 and was puzzled as to why. Turning off the live view enabled me to decrease the shutter speed but every time I went back to the live view screen I was once again limited to 1/30. I started checking all my settings and, while the sunrise was unfolding before my eyes, I could not find anything amiss. Frustration was setting in! After some time went by, I finally noticed on the “info” screen that there was a “video” icon showing when in live view. The proverbial light bulb went off in my head and I remembered having this problem before. When in live view there is a switch incorporated into the button that activates live view and it enables the photographer to choose either “photo” or “video”. It is way too easy to inadvertently hit this switch when pushing the button for live view. I have done this before and hopefully will be more careful in the future!!

So, I missed some of the sunrise due to trouble-shooting my camera settings. But, all was not lost. 🙂 I still managed to capture a couple decent shots.

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