Sand Beach Sunset

Day’s End at Sand Beach

I shot a number of photographs from the the shoreline at Sand Beach last night over a period of about a half an hour – close to sunset. Most of the shots did not include any people although there were a few lingering tourists enjoying a late day on the beach . I don’t know who these young boys are but this ended up being my favorite shot. I only took a couple of photos with them on the edge of the scene but I think the photograph speaks volumes about the mood of the evening. I was watching them splashing around in the waves totally immersed in their play and it took me back to memories of my own boys at that age – in a world all their own.

The fog was rolling in across the ocean and Otter Point, in the distance on the right, was engulfed with a blanket of mist. A zoomed-in look at the Otter Point mist below:

Fog rolling in over Otter Point

I moved a little further down the beach for a different angle just as the sky was turning pink towards the southwest.

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